Sean Patton is coming to Portland! You’ve seen him on Conan, you’ve seen him on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, you may have seen him buying some magazines at an airport, now come see him in person!

Here he is right now:

On top of that, we’ve got Portland’s Funniest Person, rising star Ian Karmel (Portlandia, Bumbershoot, Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival) and the sublimely funny Anthony Lopez (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Bumbershoot). The show is hosted by Shane Torres (New Orleans Comedy and Arts Festival) and Sean Jordan (Helium Comedy Club, Doug Loves Movies). In addition to the stand-up comedy, the show will feature a comedy sketch, delicious treats and a drop-in from a very funny secret guest!

Tickets are only $7! The show is brought to you by WoodChuck Cider! WoodChuck Cider – “Oh my gosh, that’s some really good cider”.